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Do you have a question?  Send it over we will add it to the FAQ to assist other Referees in the future.

Message: Hi, I’m a new referee and I am still not sure how to get in contact with assignors and get games, I have gotten all the emails but I am still not sure where to start in getting an assignor and games to ref.

Thank you for the email.  The best way to get games from me

LEAGUE GAMES- is to look at the available games list, when you see a game that works for you.  Send me an email asking to be assigned to that game.  You will need a Referee account in gotsoccer.

Tournament Games- Check out upcoming events, fill out an availability form for the tournament.  Games for tournaments usually aren't assigned until 4 or 5 days before the event since assignors don't get schedules before that. 

to see all assignors- - Reach out to assignors that work in your area, they may have Recreational Leagues as well that are not assigned in gotsoccer. 


you can see all my current available games at the links below

View on Computer -

View on a Phone -


Upcoming Events-


Forms and Instructions page-

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