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Thank you for Refereeing! Below are the Open League Instructions- 


Please arrive 30 minutes before game time.  Please text me if you are running late or missing a crew member.  602-505-2587

Matches must be officiated using the 3-person FIFA/USSF Referee System. 

DO NOT RUN DUALS.   - In the event there are not three (3) registered referees the following is the order of preference:

- One (1) registered referee, one (1) registered assistant referee and one (1) unregistered club linesperson*

- One (1) registered referee and two (2) unregistered club linespersons*

- One (1) registered referee only if no unregistered club linespersons are available or if one registered referee is appropriate for the level of competition *Club linespersons shall be approved by the referee and are only allowed to signal the ball in or out of play.

The preference should always be given to unregistered club linesperson who have no affiliation to the participating teams.*

Spectator Seating compass  if teams do not follow please report in

Open League <>

Know the rules of competition.  It's your responsibility to correctly apply the Laws of the Game and Rules of Competition  Some of the Key RofC are listed at the bottom of the page


Open League Rules of Competition-Academy Rules are at the end in Appendix Q and L

Rule of Competition

Laws of the Game

Red Card

Link to form on website: (link to forms located under "League Resources & Important Information")

Red Card Report-English:

Red Card Report-Spanish:


Report a Head Injury-Must be done within 12 hours of match-PULL PASS- Mail to 2320 W Peoria Ave #123 Phoenix AZ, 85029   

If link is not working contact ASA at Open League <>





Home team coach or team manager will give you the game cards before the game for check in, along with game fees and laminated player passes. 

Clearly mark players in attendance with a check mark or other designation

make sure jersey #’s are clearly marked and correct on the game card


make sure all participating players are clearly listed on the game card, with name, birth, and player ID #

Coaches and Team officials must all have clearly visible passes displayed to be in the technical area.

Make sure the game card is signed by each team and returned to the home team after the game.

If you have a head injury or red card, record all information off the game card you will need for your report before returning it after the game.

Be professional.  You must adhere to the US Soccer standards of dress.  Have your shirt tucked in and socks pulled up.



Must wear your current years badge on you receive it




PAID Cash at the Field collect from the home team before KO

Age Group Center-AR-AR - Minutes Per Half

17U-20U   $60 $35 $35           45

15U-16U   $50 $30 $30           40

13U-14U   $40 $25 $25           35

11U-12U   $35 $20 $20           30

9U-10U $30                             25



Environmental Conditions Resources

 ASA Recommendations to handle Games During Lightning, Rain, and other Conditions. (CLICK HERE)

·         NFHS Guidelines on Handling Practices and Contests During Lightning or Thunder Disturbances (CLICK HERE)

·         US Soccer Federation Recognize to Recover Website (CLICK HERE) and Environmental Condition Document for Heat Guidelines and Cold Weather Guidelines

·         US Soccer Federation Recognize to Recover Website (CLICK HERE) and Environmental Condition Document for Heat Guidelines and Cold Weather Guidelines.


If you run into issues, speak with the coach but do not confront teams or parents. Be Professional - observe, take notes and report to me and the state association after the game.

Open League <>


3.01.3 Five (5) club pass players are permitted per game (Please reference the Club Pass Policy on the ASA Website). Loan players from outside your club are NOT permitted. 


3.01.5 Each player must be printed on the game card; no write-in players will be allowed. Handwritten-in players are ineligible


5.01.3 At the conclusion of the match, both coaches must sign the game card. It is recommended that the away team take a photo of the game card. 


7.02 Substitutions Unlimited substitutions will be permitted at any stoppage of play with the permission of the match Referee. 


7.13 Heading Education If a 10-year-old player is playing with a 12U team please note that players who are 10 and younger should not be heading the ball regardless of the age group in which they play. This requires education and support from the coach and parent to instruct the player accordingly.


8.06 Filing of Referee Match Report The Referee shall file a Match Report with the MaxInMotion OL immediately following the match in accordance with the MaxInMotion OL Match Management Procedures. A match report may be completed on the back of the associated Game Card or separately and then attached to the Game Card.

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